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For the academic users who register an academic research project, the datasets will be free of charge, and the only costs the users will have to pay are related to the media (Floppy disks, CD's etc) and mailing costs. Absolute gratuity is granted only for the direct download from our web page.

Fro the other user categories and some datasets, though, there will be additional charges.
The costs related to sending the datasets will be calculated according to the project's funding source. For instance, an academic user working for a commerciallly funded project will be charged in the same way as a commercial user. The project funding sources are linked to the user categories, but thet must not be mistaken.

below you can see four different funding sources according to which the cost of delivering one dataset or another is calculated.

  • Research projects undertaken by Universities
  • Research projects undertaken by Romanian Academy of Sciences
  • Research projects undertaken by fundamental research institutes (including those belonging to universities)
  • Data required by students for their papers or theses
  • Data required for teaching purposes
Government /

  • Research projects funded by a Government department/agency
  • Research projects funded by a charity or non-profit organisation
  • Research projects funded by a comercial organisation
  • The data required are destined exclusively for private use, being local history or genealogical data. They cannot be related to employment or any other institutional aspects. The research project may also be financed from sources other than the own ones .