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Ordering data

Data orders

The archive supports the research activity, offering access to social database for secondary analysis, in accordance with the confidentiality requirements imposed by the data owners.

The archive commits itself to ensure an as free, open and easy access as possible, but it is up the data owners to set the access conditions. For these reasons, there will be four user categories, and the data sets will have four access levels.

Starting with July 2004, RODA has launched a brand new access control system; once registered with a username and a password, our users can start downloading data on different access levels.

If one user does not have enough download rights for certain datasets, it is still possible to order data offline or by an e-mail to our address roda@roda.ro; the request will be directed to the owner who will decide the answer.

The users who do not have access to Internet can order data:

Data and documentation will be provided on every available storage media or electronic transfer, depending on the number or size of the datasets ordered:

  • Floppy-disk
  • CD
  • FTP
  • direct download