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How to submit data

Data depositing procedure

The depositing procedure is very important, both for clearly understanding the data owners' requests and for quickly and accurately integrating the data sets in our archive.

The information below guide you through the depositing procedure steps, how the data should be prepared for depositing, how the data reach RODA and what happen to them afterwards. If you have any questions, please contact us for further explanations.

In order for the data set to be fully usable, any researcher or interested person will need additional information. The data set is useful to no one unless provided with a well-structured documentation. With a view to depositing data, please:

  • fill in the Depositing form (giving details about the dataset);
  • fill in and the sign the License agreement, mentioning the conditions and restrictions regarding the dissemination of data;
  • send these documents to us, with the data set and the related documentation.

Please prepare:

- a copy of the dataset;
- a copy of the questionnaire, if possible bearing the name of the variables - they should be the identical with the database variables;
- detailes about sampling data collection methods;
- a copy of the instructions to the field operators;
- information on variables and their values, coding and classification schemes used;
- information on the newly-created variables;
- details on the weighting procedures (if any) and weighting variables.

We can use databases created in Access, Excel, SPSS, SAS, STATA, as well as the information on the data set documentation in Word, RTF, Acrobat PDF, both on electronic and printed format, if they can be scanned.

The current storage media we can use are floppy disks, CDs and electronic transfer by FTP.