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Depositing advantages

First of all, why would you like to deposit the data?

  • In order to improve the data set
    RODA does not just simply archive the data set, it also adds value by cleaning, documenting and indexing them according to the latest international standards.
  • In order to ensure the dataset's integrity
    Once the data sets deposited to the archive, you can be certain they are protected from the physical and moral wear. RODA ensures the data set migration into the latest versions (of Word, Excel, Access, SPSS etc.) so that the data may be used for as long as possible.
  • In order to obtain an official acknowledgement
    Many times we want particular data but we don't know where to find them; registering the data set in the RODA catalogue will bring an official acknowledgement of the relevant data existence, and indexing the data set will make it possible to find variables useful for the searching procedure initiated by the users.
    Moreover, it is possible to display information on the producers and the owners, thus offering them an official acknowledgement.
    At the same time, the data usage will be conditioned by the requirement of bibliographic citation.
  • In order to support the entire academic community
    Last, but not least, you can significantly contribute to the development of the larger community, by encouraging the secondary and the comparative analyses and enabling the communication between researchers and the society.