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Data depositing

Data depositing

A social data archive is an institution beneficial for the entire academic community, both for the users and equally also for any persons or institutions wanting to deposit the data.

Throughout the world, and Romania makes no exception, the data producers try to protect them, either from the competition or simply because large amounts of money were spent to collect them. Depositing data to RODA would look at the first sight a loss of control, the owner becoming uncertain about the final destination of data.

RODA helps the data owners who want to deposit them, by two complementary solutions:

  • confidentiality contracts;
  • the owners can use their passwords to directly control the access level for one dataset or another.

What should be understood from the very beginning is that depositing the data does not mean losing their control. On the contrary, all rights will remain to the owners who will mention them in the access conditions; the archive does nothing else but administrating the data in favour of the owner, serving as a mediator between the data owner and the data user.

If you have social science databases that can be used (subject to the previously mentioned conditions), please consider depositing such data to RODA.