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Access Levels

Levels of access to data

The data owners decide the access level for each dataset.

The absolute novelty of our system is that the data owners can always set the desired access level, directly in the web page, after logging in with a proper password. This way, the owners have total and direct control over their datasets, getting actively involved in managing those datasets together wiht our data archive. Whenever the owners sets or modifies the level of access to a specific dataset, this will be automatically notified on our news page; similarly, an automatic e-mail will be generated whereby the users in the list will receive such news.

Level of access
Free access and download for any type of user, whether registrated or not, whether academic or non-academic. This category will contain totally public datasets, over which the owners have not imposed any restriction.
Free access to the datasets for academic users (category I); the users will only have to pay the costs related the storage media used for sending the data set (e.g. floppy disk, CD etc.); RODA may distribute the datasets without asking for the owner’s approval.
Data access restricted by the owner's written approval, whereby the owner gets involved in the data set access control activity, taking the final decision as to any person's access to the data set.
Owner-restricted access based on a confidentiality contract; the data set can only be accessed against payment by the user of a certain amount specified by the owner.